Apoquel, relief for itchy pets

Introducing Apoquel®: It’s Fast Relief for Itchy Pets

We’re pleased to announce that we now have a new drug available to help pets 12 months or older suffering severely with allergies and dermatitis.   Called Apoquel, this new med appears to be as effective as corticosteroids, but has fewer and less severe side effects. What’s more, it’s fast acting.   It typically starts […]

Dog licks allergies

Meet Molly, a Mini Goldendoodle Once Plagued by Allergies…

…Now She’s a Peppy Pooch! An early spring brings beautiful blooms but also awful allergies that can torment pets as well as humans. For example, meet Molly, a 3-year-old Mini Goldendoodle that’s been battling allergies since she was a pup. When Molly’s owners, Pat and Ann, first took her to see Dr. Busselman, she was […]

Dog Behavior Problems

There’s New Help for Dogs with Behavior Problems

Does Your Dog… Urinate or defecate in the house? Hide, try to escape or run away frequently? Hyper-salivate, tremble or pant excessively? Bark excessively or exhibit destructive behavior? If so, your pet may be suffering from fear and anxiety, two primary causes of behavior problems in dogs.   Solliquin™ Can Help Calm Your Dog Some […]

Cat Behavior Problems

There’s New Help for Cats with Behavior Problems

Does Your Cat… Spray or eliminate outside the litterbox? Urinate or defecate on your clothing or belongings? Hide a lot? Hyperventilate? Groom excessively? Act aggressively with other pets?   If so, your kitty may be suffering from fear and anxiety, two primary causes of cat behavior problems.   Solliquin™ Can Help Calm Your Cat Some […]

Pet Dental Surgery

10% OFF Pet Dental Care Products this Month + Year-Long Discounts on Pet Dentistry

Every month we see pets with teeth so bad that they’re causing constant pain to the poor animals…and most of the owners don’t even know it. Animals don’t react the way humans do to pain. Usually they suffer in silence and hide their pain until they’re totally unable to do so. That’s why we believe […]

Royal Canin Pet Foods

Fort Street Vet Now Proudly Offers Royal Canin Veterinary Diet® Pet Food

For years we’ve carried Hills Prescription Diet® pet foods for our clients but this year we’ve made a change. Instead, we’re now pleased to offer you products from Royal Canin®, a global leader in pet nutrition. “Both brands are highly respected and very research based but Royal Canin has many more palatability options and for […]