Holiday Food Drive

Our Food Drive: Give a Little, Get a Little

  From now until December 31st, we’re holding a food drive to support the Open Door Mission. If you’ll help, we’ll give you DISCOUNTS to use in December 2016. Bring in 1 Nonperishable Food Item GET $5 OFF a Nail Trim – OR – $5 OFF an Anal Gland Expression Bring in 2 or More Nonperishable Food […]

Dog Behavior Problems

There’s New Help for Dogs with Behavior Problems

Does Your Dog… Urinate or defecate in the house? Hide, try to escape or run away frequently? Hyper-salivate, tremble or pant excessively? Bark excessively or exhibit destructive behavior? If so, your pet may be suffering from fear and anxiety, two primary causes of behavior problems in dogs.   Solliquin™ Can Help Calm Your Dog Some […]