Vet Surgery in Omaha

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As Your Omaha Pet Clinic, We Offer
Veterinary Surgery Onsite

“You and your staff continue to provide KC and Scruffy with EXCELLENT, friendly and compassionate care. We appreciate each one of you. We know our boys are in good hands each time we visit.” – D. & T.  G.

For your convenience and the comfort of your pet, routine surgeries, as well as some specialized surgeries, are performed onsite at Fort Street Veterinarian. For example:

  • Spay and neuter surgeries
  • Cat declawing
  • Tumor and “lump” removals
  • Wound repair
  • General soft tissue procedures
  • Orthopedic procedures
  • And more
Download Spay & Neuter Pamphlet
Download Spay & Neuter Pamphlet

The Fort Street Veterinarian Difference: The Level of Care Provided for Your Pet’s SafetyThe Fort Street Veterinarian Difference: The Level of Care Provided for Your Pet’s Safety

While other Omaha pet clinics offer similar services, what sets us apart is the level of care we provide your pet at time of surgery. Although any anesthetic procedure carries some risk, we take extra precautions for your pet’s safety.

  • A physical exam by one of our doctors is required prior to scheduling any surgery. This lets us identify any problems that may increase your pet’s risk, discuss the procedure with you and answer any questions you may have.
  • We perform routine pre-anesthetic blood work, prior to the administration of anesthesia, to screen for any internal organ abnormalities, which may not have been evident during the physical exam.
  • Your pet’s safety under anesthesia is further assured by using state-of-the-art equipment to monitor heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen concentration and blood pressure.
  • Your pet is also closely monitored during anesthesia and recovery by one of our licensed and certified veterinary technicians (LVTs).

ALL surgeries also include:

  • Anesthesia
  • IV fluids to help support oxygen delivery to your pets vital organs while under anesthesia
  • Surgical monitoring (blood pressure, oxygen, heart rate, respiratory rate, electrocardiogram)
  • Heat support
  • Surgical antibiotic injection
  • Surgical pain management injection
  • Complimentary nail trim
  • Hospitalization/surgical recovery: Following surgery your pet will receive supportive care and a warm bed to ensure a comfortable recovery. When your pet is awake, he/she will be taken for a brief walk to help further metabolize the anesthesia.
  • Post-operative pain management
  • Go-home pain medications & antibiotics (if needed)
We’re proud to be your chosen pet clinic in Omaha. Your pet’s welfare and your peace of mind are our primary concerns. Never hesitate to ask any questions that you may have about any recommended services.


Optional Service with Surgery: Pet Microchipping

Unlike a collar and tag that can fall off or get lost, a microchip is a permanent ID that links your pet to you. During surgery, it’s a simple pain-free process for us to insert this grain-of-rice sized chip under your pet’s skin. Read more>


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